Add env variable to Slack integration

It would be really great to add the env/global variable/profile to the slack integration. We’ve started using ours multiple times a day against various env/profiles and it would be really nice to get the results and what env/profile we ran it against. Pretty please and very much thank you!!

for example, this is 2 different env/profiles…but we can’t tell!!



Damn right.

Every single piece of known metadata should be published in that report/list.

@devalex88 @ThanhTo @duyluong can this be fast-tracked? Is that what staff-20 is for?


and the user credentials. in the end, windows already has it … so let’s just publish everything!

now seriously. the slack integration is a nice plugin but i will never use it. instead, i will use the CI to send messages to various third-party channnels, filtered and pimped acordingly. katalon should be just the tool to develop the tests. automations involve certain pipelining knowledge

@Ibus It’s high time you did a write up of your pipeline scenario(s). It would make a very beneficial Tips article for lots of people.

#JustSayin :sunglasses:

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@Russ_Thomas heh … i am the victim of my agenda. one day i should find some time to detail my thoughts in tips and tricks …


Hello everyone,

Slack Integration plugin is open-source. You can visit its repository here to update more information about what you want and your contributions as well.