Katalon and Slack as_user problems

Within Katalon Studio I have configured Katalon Studio Preferences / Team Collaboration to integrate Katalon with my Slack Workspace. I have provided a valid Slack Token and a valid Slack Channel and I have successfully tested the connection using the Katalon Studio Test Connection functionality (but only if I untick the option to “Post the message as the authenticated user”).

I have configured my Katalon Studio Preferences to post any activity that I perform within Katalon to be posted to Slack. This functionality works fine eg: I create a new Katalon automated test and as expected, this update is fed into my channel in Slack which is good news.

However, my username or botname is never passed through. This means that any people within our team can perform actions within Katalon Studio but our names are never passed into Slack. To test this, I have tried providing the names of actual Slack users/bots and random names to no avail.

When I try and use the option “Post the message as the authenticated user” I get an error message saying “as_user_not_supported”. I have even tried
to fix this manually within com.kms.katalon.composer.integration.slack.prefs
by altering the values from true and false and it still does not

The advice provided by the Katalon team to date is that I must resolve this by setting my Slack Scopes correctly. I can confirm that I have applied/deployed every possible scope within slack to no avail.

The documentation for integrating Katalon and Slack is now 13 months old. It can be accessed here https://docs.katalon.com/display/KD/Slack+Integration
and is not easy to follow due to it being outdated as the approach to tokens and scopes has changed a bit in the mean time. Additionally, based
on the advice provided by Katalon in relation to Scopes, the chat:write:user scope no longer
applies and is referenced here


Is there anybody out there that has successfully managed to integrate Katalon and Slack and actually pass through a username?

Version under test = 5.5 beta build 9.

Screenshot attached.