Accessing the core functions in KATALON

I want to access the functions in **“”
**to set the proxy information, because KATALON provides NO_PROXY by default in the
CMD mode, so I want to set the proxy information manually in the script?

Ps: I have already set the proxy information in the preference, but when i switch to the CMD mode, it’s like it does not take the config in consideration.

There is an issue with cmd mode which does not apply proxy configuration, so that’s why you’ve observed this issue. It will be fixed in next release.

And for accessing that function, my answer is you can’t because its source code does not expose to external users.


By when should we expect the next release?

It will be around next week :slight_smile:

Even in the latest release(version 5.3), I am unable to set proxy in CMD mode.Could you help me with this?

Can you tell me what steps have you done? Have you followed the general guide from this release note?

You need to correctly pass in proxy options as described there and use Katalon Studio 5.3.1+

Please help to double check again.