About payment process

Is it possible to automate payment process. If Yes, please give me some suggestion how can I do this.

HI @rkumar,

In order to help, we’ll need to know more info about the specific payment process you want to test.

Could you describe it in detail; what are the steps; what do you want to test? Screenshots are helpful if you are permitted to share them.

– Chris

Thanks @Chris_Trevarthen for your response. Please find the details below:

I found that Katalon is getting stuck while spying objects for this page.
I want to save card details and proceed further.

Hi @rkumar,

You might be having trouble with capturing objects on this screen because some Android screens can be marked as “secure”. This is done on screen with credit card numbers, passwords, etc. where we don’t want to allow screenshots to be taken. Since Katalon’s Mobile Spy relies on screenshots to show the preview of the screen, you’ll get an error or warning. You can still proceed with capturing the objects, you just won’t see the nice visual preview. Check out this post for some more info:

Hope this helps,


Thanks @Chris_Trevarthen

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