Spy Mobile Objects in middle of the mobile application session

Hi Katalon Team,

I am new to the Katalon studio.Currently as per my knowledge on katalon, I need to provide apk file in order to spy the mobile objects.

In my case when i am trying to spy the mobile of current session(trying to start the session from katalon spy mobile window) ,Katalon is throwing an error like

So to resolve this every time i am clearing the app data/cache without uninstalling the application .

Suppose if i have 50 steps to automate.
if i have to spy some mobile object on 49 th step . using katalon i must manually execute steps from login to 48th step every timeā€¦ which is time consuming.

My question is how can i spy an mobile object without starting from the step1.

Please help me on this with any tutorials if available.
Venkata Sai Annam.