Mobile Object Spy

Is there any way I can capture all the object in the android app? because there is no way to scroll down to access all the application objects. And I can’t test mine because of this. Thank you!

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Hi Irish,

What type of objects are you trying to capture? Are you trying to capture buttons, text labels, or something else? Scrolling has always been a problem with UI testing in mobile apps, but if you don’t mind adding an external library .jar to your test project, this open source library I have been working on might help:

The library itself is available at:

For info on how to add an external library to your testing project, see the Katalon docs:

If this doesn’t work, can you provide more information about what you’re trying to do, possibly with a screenshot?




Hi @6409-Chris,

Thank you for the solution you gave me. I’ll update you after I try your answer :slight_smile:

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hi @Chris Trevarthen,

Does Katalon studio have a limit for the objects? (Mobile Testing)

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Katalon can’t always detect the last object which is a button.

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Hi Irish,

Katalon doesn’t have a limit to the number of objects it can see, as far as I know. However, Android does not load objects until they appear on the screen. So, if you have a scroll list where some of the objects are off the screen, you can’t access the hidden ones until you scroll to them.

The library I mentioned above tries to get around this limitation by automatically scrolling the screen when it can’t find any matching elements. However, it’s focused on TextViews and not buttons. Using the Mobile Spy, can you confirm that the object you’re trying to find is of type android.widget.Button?

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Did you get any solution because I too have the same issue. I need to verify the footer link which varies for page.

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Hi Irish,
If your problem is just to find the object in the mobile object spy, you can scroll down manually in your device and then press ‘Capture object’ at the top of the spy. It will then refresh the screen and the objects on it.


Can anyone pls tell how to capture objects for a mobile web application?
Because the Mobile Object Spy seem to need apk.
Apk’s are for native applications right, not mobile web apps.

So if anyone can tell how to spy on objects on a mobile web app, that would be great, thanks!