6.1.5 Report Email no longer sending

So after I executed a test suite it would send an email. I updated to 6.1.5 and now it no longer sends. I even went back to settings to ensure my settings are still valid. They are, I can even get the test email. However after a suite is done its no longer sending the email.

@B_L, please notice something when using report email in Katalon Studio:

  1. Check your connection with internet (ask your IT helpdesk)
  2. If you install antivirus, please turn off it
  3. From 6.1.5 version, report plugin will support about report, there for, install report plugin and check in Setting to generate files (HTML, PDF, CSV,…)
    and last but not least, reading this: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/emails-settings.html
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That is the link I used to set this up originally. Prior to the 6.1.5 update I was getting regular email reports for months. The first time I did not receive one was after the 6.1.5 update. Turning off the antivirus is not an option, it’s use is company policy.

As mentioned this was all working fine for some time prior to 6.1.5 update. I can also click the test “Send test email” and I get that. I just dont’ get it at the end of test suite execution anymore.

I’ve attempted to check all the boxes.

Only the PDF and Log file is working. I am not getting the CSV or HTML report anymore.


Basic Report Plugin is a Custom Keyword that replaces for the current Report feature of Katalon Studio. Since version 6.1.5, the Report feature has been migrated to Basic Report plugin. Users need to install this plugin to continue using the feature

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Ohhh, I didn’t realize it was switched to a plugin with the new update. That worked. Thank you both @Alice and @HeleneB

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