Jenkins send Emailing Report to Gmail Katalon_6.3.0

I’m looking for an option to email the Katalon studio results to group of people after executing the job through Jenkins.
I tried the following settings Run Jenkins
But the result of the return is missing.Main Report

katalon version 6.3.0
OS Win10

How to carry a Katalon Report in the Jenkins Settings

Main Report mean PDF right ? if yes, i am facing this issue also.

Hi @rickleejd, @lahimadhe100,

Starting in v6.1.5, you need to install Basic Report plugin to generate reports after test executions.
Email integration will only attach report to the summary email if these reports were generated by the Basic Report plugin.


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Hi lahimadhe100

Not in my attachment PDF &HTML
Jenkins. Run return Report
The file is missing

Hi duyluong
I have Add Basic Report

Actual manual execution Test Suite
Have a full report

But the jenkins execution report is incomplete

HI Rickleejd,

my issue is now fixed,

this is how I fixed it,

  1. added Basic Report plugin
  2. project > setting > email and reset the all the existed data (hostname, port, etc)
  3. restated the Katalon studio,

Now I could see the PDF report


To use Katalon plugin in Console mode, you need to add your API key to the command line. Please read these document:


Hi lahimadhe100

Thank you for your sharing
I Not see the PDF report :frowning:

Hi duyluong
Thank you, I will try again.

Also want to ask you another Question :cry:
The jenkins execution
browser on the desktop is not open
But jenkins executed successfully and sent a report