[6.0.x]Tests Explorer Search is not working

Katalon Version: 6.0.4

Searching in the Tests Explorer is not working → returns empty result.

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Yep. Confirmed. Search is broken.

Hi @qsbetatest

Can you provide screenshot ? What did you type into the search bar ?

Regards !

An existing tag for example?

(You don’t need a screenshot to prove something is empty, surely?)



It works for me though. Is yours something like this ?

No, actually. In 5.x I merely typed the tag. So for you that would be just thanh_to.

I can see KS perform the search, but the explorer returns blank.

And like the OP said, Advanced search does work.

Well I confirmed it doesn’t work. Sorry I use this all the time and don’t even think of it as Advanced Search.

But is something achievable by this method not achievable by Advanced Search ?


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Hi guys,
I’ve just checked Test Explorer search and it still works fine.

Please provide us your your search criteria for double check your issue.
Besides, advanced search, i.e search with multiple tags is not implemented in Test Explorer search. One last thing, you need to follow the correct syntax as following:

  • id: return test case matching the provided test case id or being inside the provided folder id.
  • name: return test cases containing the provided text in their name
  • tag: return test cases containing the provided tag
  • comment: return test cases containing the provided text in their comment
  • description: return test cases containing the provided text in their desc
    @qsbetatest, @Russ_Thomas

I’ve just checked 6.0.5 and it works differently.

In 5.x I could type the name of a tag and get results: tag-name.

In 6.0.5 the same search produces an empty list. Instead I need to type: tag=(tag-name).

So it works but it’s not as friendly.

And why do you need excessive syntax? Why not just tag=tag-name ? What purpose do the parentheses serve?

Hi @Russ_Thomas,
Yes, you’re correct. If a user searches for test cases with simple text only, he just needs to input the text into Search box without following the syntax and KS will return test cases containing the provided text in their name/description/tag/comment.
This is an issue in 6.0.4 and 6.0.5 releases and it is going to be fixed in next release.

And this?

If it’s a parsing issue, you don’t need “=” and “( )”

tag(tag-name) description(stuff and things)


description=stuff and things, tag=tag-name

Obviously, the following (context free search) is far better:

tag-name stuff and things

Then, as-you-type filtering, PLEASE!

I forgot to update that this has been fixed.


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