403 error message to Katalon TestOps and necessity to send reports to TestOps?


We currently have integrated our Katalon Studio projects as a Docker container into Jenkins CI on our AWS server. However, we get 403 forbidden error messages after tests are completed.

Katalon TestOps: Unexpected response, URL: https://analytics.katalon.com/api/v1/katalon/test-reports/update-result?projectId=xxxxx, Status: 403, Response: {"error":"access_denied","error_description":"Either this resource does not exist, or the current user does not have permissions to access this resource"}

I read that this access is used to send test reports to Katalon TestOps (analytics.katalon.com). However, I also noticed that as long as you don’t include the -sendMail flag that the reports won’t be sent? Why does it still need to ping Katalon TestOps?

The reason of our concern is the company I am part of is involved in Finance and FX exchange in Japan, so they are stringent about security.

If it is required, what do we need added in our CLI configuration to avoid these 403 server responses? Just the -sendMail flag?


You can disable the integration in Project Settings.