You can now use ChatGPT without having to have an OpenAI account 🤯

In a new blog post by OpenAI, they talked about how we can now use ChatGPT instantly, without having to sign up for an account. This is pretty major if I am being honest, as this will enable many more people to get access to ChatGPT and experience what it can do (not sure whether the free version will use GPT 3.5 or 4 :person_shrugging:)

Just checked and it seems that this was not an April’s Fool joke :sneezing_face:


since other competitors are offering such feature, is openAI following similar path?

I signed up for an OpenAI account yesterday (using my Microsoft account) and it was pretty smooth (it did not require me to have a US phone number), so yes, I think with all the news about Google Gemini, Microsoft, Amazon, and most recently, Apple with their ReaLM (article below), OpenAI is trying to regain some ground and market share with this move.