Interesting articles of this week

I found some worth reading articles this week:

Happy reading guys!

An expensive, time-wasting tale of misery:

accidently i already read it few days ago.
worth to be pinned somewhere, imho

particularily this made my day:

ChatGPT is doing exactly what its makers intended - producing a coherent, believable answer.


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DuckAssist is the first in a series of AI-assisted private search and browser updates. It’s free (with no sign-up required!) and available to try today in DuckDuckGo browsers and extensions.

Generative artificial intelligence is hitting the world of search and browsing in a big way. At DuckDuckGo, we’ve been trying to understand the difference between what it could do well in the future and what it can do well right now. But no matter how we decide to use this new technology, we want it to add clear value to our private search and browsing experience.

These articles gauge our team’s attention lately: