Xvfb failed to start in Jenkins for katalon automation test suite

Installed xvfb using
sudo apt-get install xvfb

Also installed xvfb plugin at jenkins server,now i wish to execute my katalon automation test cases in chrome Headless browser

Below is jenkins console output i am getting

Started by user anonymous
Building on master in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/TimeTrax_ExecuteAutomation/workspace
Xvfb starting$ /usr/bin/Xvfb -displayfd 2 -fbdir /var/lib/jenkins/xvfb-58-1285750843515500954.fbdir
Unrecognized option: -displayfd
use: X [:] [option]
-a # default pointer acceleration (factor)
-ac disable access control restrictions
-audit int set audit trail level
-auth file select authorization file
-br create root window with black background
+bs enable any backing store support
-bs disable any backing store support
-c turns off key-click
c # key-click volume (0-100)
-cc int default color visual class
-nocursor disable the cursor
-core generate core dump on fatal error
-dpi int screen resolution in dots per inch
-dpms disables VESA DPMS monitor control
-deferglyphs [none|all|16] defer loading of [no|all|16-bit] glyphs
-f # bell base (0-100)
-fc string cursor font
-fn string default font name
-fp string default font path
-help prints message with these options
-I ignore all remaining arguments
-ld int limit data space to N Kb
-lf int limit number of open files to N
-ls int limit stack space to N Kb
-nolock disable the locking mechanism
-nolisten string don’t listen on protocol
-noreset don’t reset after last client exists
-background [none] create root window with no background
-nr (Ubuntu-specific) Synonym for -background none
-reset reset after last client exists
-p # screen-saver pattern duration (minutes)
-pn accept failure to listen on all ports
-nopn reject failure to listen on all ports
-r turns off auto-repeat
r turns on auto-repeat
-render [default|mono|gray|color] set render color alloc policy
-retro start with classic stipple and cursor
-s # screen-saver timeout (minutes)
-t # default pointer threshold (pixels/t)
-terminate terminate at server reset
-to # connection time out
-tst disable testing extensions
ttyxx server started from init on /dev/ttyxx
v video blanking for screen-saver
-v screen-saver without video blanking
-wm WhenMapped default backing-store
-wr create root window with white background
-maxbigreqsize set maximal bigrequest size
+xinerama Enable XINERAMA extension
-xinerama Disable XINERAMA extension
-dumbSched Disable smart scheduling, enable old behavior
-schedInterval int Set scheduler interval in msec
-sigstop Enable SIGSTOP based startup
+extension name Enable extension
-extension name Disable extension
-query host-name contact named host for XDMCP
-broadcast broadcast for XDMCP
-multicast [addr [hops]] IPv6 multicast for XDMCP
-indirect host-name contact named host for indirect XDMCP
-port port-num UDP port number to send messages to
-from local-address specify the local address to connect from
-once Terminate server after one session
-class display-class specify display class to send in manage
-cookie xdm-auth-bits specify the magic cookie for XDMCP
-displayID display-id manufacturer display ID for request
[±]accessx [ timeout [ timeout_mask [ feedback [ options_mask] ] ] ]
enable/disable accessx key sequences
-ardelay set XKB autorepeat delay
-arinterval set XKB autorepeat interval
-screen scrn WxHxD set screen’s width, height, depth
-pixdepths list-of-int support given pixmap depths
+/-render turn on/off RENDER extension support(default on)
-linebias n adjust thin line pixelization
-blackpixel n pixel value for black
-whitepixel n pixel value for white
-fbdir directory put framebuffers in mmap’ed files in directory
-shmem put framebuffers in shared memory

Fatal server error:
Unrecognized option: -displayfd

ERROR: Xvfb failed to start, consult the lines above for errors
Recording test results
ERROR: Step ‘Publish JUnit test result report’ failed: No test report files were found. Configuration error?
Finished: FAILURE

xvfb setup at manage jenkins.JPG

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