Xpath for contains text

				         <input type="radio" name="studyId" value="1682" style="">
              FT_9 (Investigator)</td>

Need xpth for above code with contains text

Hi Veerender,

You can try this:


See this for your reference:

Hope that helps. . . :slight_smile:

Syntax may be a bit off. It usually looks like this:

//*[contains(text(), 'Your_Text')]

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If you are having problems still I have noticed Katalon will not find object “text” so you have to use parent. If you right click and copy xpath then ctrl+f and paste it to see if it’s highlighted you can manipulate the xpath to verify you have the right one. If the text is highlighted I don’t think katalon will see it. If you share the xpath I can try and help, but basically from your screenshot you might need to do the following:

//*td[7][@class = "table_cell"]/text[contains(.,"&nbsp;&nbsp:")]::parent/td

obviously the td[7] might need to be manipulated based upon what the actually number is, which is why I ask for the xpath as it is when you copy it. Let me know, hopefully that helps.

This is because in Selenium (one of the libraries upon which Katalon is based), xpaths must point to element nodes, not text nodes. As a result, you have to treat text nodes like attributes instead of nodes in their own right.

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I tried the same its not working