Get X-Path of Inner text

Hi every body,
I want to get xpath of “Order Data Entry” text but can’t
I tried contains() but still not work
Help me pls.

//*[contains(text(), 'Order Data Entry')]


//*[normalize-space()='Order Data Entry']

Well, you are asking a naive question.

//span[contains(text(), 'Order Data Entry')]

This XPath expression returns a reference to HTML element <span>, of which text content contains “Order Data Entry”. Please note, this returns an element, not a text (java.lang.String).

As far as XPath syntax is concerned, the following XPath expression returns a text:

//*[contains(text(), 'Order Data Entry')]/text()

Howerver this XPath exression, which has /text() at the tail, is useless in the WebDriver world. Katalon’s WebUI.findElementPresent(..) etc depends on the WebDriver’s driver.findWebElement(

WebElement element = driver.findWebElement(By.xpath("//*[contains(text(), 'Order Data Entry')]"))

this would work, the element will point a <span>. But

WebElement element = driver.findWebElement(By.xpath("//*[contains(text(), 'Order Data Entry')]/text()"))

this would NOT work, as a java.lang.String object can not be cast to WebElement.

You can NOT select an inner text of any Element at all using WebUI.verifyElementPresent(TestObject).

But you can do:

String text = WebUI.getText(findTestObject("name of TestOject with Path //*[contains(text(), 'Order Data Entry')]"))

The resulting text variable will have a String value same as the original <span> element has:

"  Order Data Entry


WebUI.getText() method internally selects the <span> element, evaluates it to a text() value, and returns the text() result.

Do you find it’s too complicated?

Yes, it is. Let me say again, you are asking a naive question.