Wrong console colors

Hi there,

Does someone know how to get the correct colors in the console?
I keep on having some non labelled messages and INFO messages in Red.

Beside that, I also don’t get the colors for the markPassed and markFailed steps (command is KeywordUtil.markPassed(‘-----SUCCESS-----’)
As showed on the screenshot, i haven’t changed my color preferences.

Thanks beforehand.

What command are you using to log information ?

Also your account information are shown in the picture you should hide the sensitive information

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Thank you @yoyox98 for your important remark. I’ve modified my post.

You can’t set a specific color for markPassed because it’s information so it’s black
You can’t modify the colors for markFailed specificly in the console because it’s logged as an error so it’s in red .
The console is reserved for debugging only and it has only 3 colors which are enough In my opinion because it has to be minimal otherwise it will get too messy

the first few lines are red because they were logged by an external class ,these informations were logged by that class and not katalon so they are in red ,you can see that the logging style is not the same
For example here is an error generated by katalon

i hope this answers your question , what is it thats not correct with the colors ? i might have misunderstood your question

Thank you @yoyox98. Yes that answer my question, I will retain this summary:

  • I cannot control the colors with markpassed and failed in the console
  • messages from external classes are written in red