Showing green even if tests are failing

Hello There,

I have created a test suite for my tests and running them in chrome browser.
The issue that even if some tests are failing they are showing green in the Log Viewer instead of showing red. And it is also saying failures 1 when more than one tests are failing.
This is confusing as it may give me exit code 0 if i run the tests in headless when the tests is actually failing.

Can someone please look into this. Please do let me know if more information is required.
I have another request if possible, when a tests fail can it show in a red cross instead of green tick. Its good to have a red alert for failed tests and another color for terminated tests.

Thank you

How do you get to know that your tests are failing? Any screenshot of failure message?

Because i was running the tests in browser and the test case which was running had to fail as the information i had set for it did not let the test complete and i got validation error message according to what has been set in the website.