Enter google address

Please help me here guys, im sending thisclick address text

so i want to send the text and press down arrow key and press enter but im getting an error.

this is my code. WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/input__billingstreet’), ‘6 Eastern Service Rd’

,Keys.chord(Keys.ARROW_DOWN, Keys.ENTER))

i want google maps to autofill the other textboxes for address

Hi, what error are you encountering ? Please past the full log, a screenshot of your test steps would also be helpful.

You have to create two steps

WebUI.setText(TO, 'adress')
WebUI.sendKeys(TO, Keys.chord(Keys.ARROW_DOWN, Keys.ENTER))

When setText have 3 parameters, it’s for FailureHandling

that TO is my object?

Yes, replace TO by findTestObject(‘Object Repository/input__billingstreet’)

its sending the text but its not clicking on the google link for the complete address

Try send Key one by one and add a delay

WebUI.sendKeys(TO, Keys.chord(Keys.ARROW_DOWN))
WebUI.sendKeys(TO, Keys.chord(Keys.ENTER))
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this is my error

:grinning:Thank you it worked