Write in internal data file?

I can read data from test data file but how can I write data to these internal data files? I have been searching on google and every time i got excel solution that i already know i just want to know is there any way to write data to internal data files or not ? if not then will it be available in future?

internal data is just an xml file. use an xml writter instead of excel writter

i need to write in internal data file either it is xml or not . During execution i need to save values of global variables in internal data file, How can i do this?

mhm … i have an ideea. let’s open a feature request so katalon can support sqlite too for internal data. after this is solved, i will give more hints

@devalex88 @Russ_Thomas @kazurayam @ThanhTo what do you think? it may add a certain flexibility imho …