How write value into internal Test data at runtime during test execution


is there a way to write some value during the test execution to an internal test data? - No Excel, no database, only internal test data.
I found this post Write data into internal Test data at runtime during test execution , where the following is recommended:

TestDataFactory.findTestData(‘Data Files/InternalData’).setValue(2,2,“somevalue”)
TestDataFactory.findTestData(‘Data Files/InternalData’).Value(2,2) = “somevalue”

… But this doesn’t work.

Neither the TestData class nor the TestDataFactory by api definition has any .setValue or .Value method available, so I don’t understand how this should work?
By definition api seems to be interal TestData read-only and not for writing during runtime. It is so? Or, there is a way to write a value into the internal test data at during the test execution?

Thank you for response.
Iveta N.

That was not a recommendation, merely a proposal that Katalon should introduce methods like that for the same reasons you require them. Since the post didn’t appear in it was likely not seen by the Katalon developers (@ThanhTo, @duyluong).

For the time being, your only option is to use your own data structure created via Groovy code where you write your own in/out read/write methods to accomplish what you need. I do something very similar: I have data-only classes where I store the data I need and modify them when I need to.