With every new Katalon update, browser launch seems to take longer

Actually the version of KS that I am using (6.3.3) no longer has the auto update Webdriver option under Katalon Studio preferences.
I have previously used Tools\Update Webdrivers\Chrome drop-down menu around 3 weeks ago, however.

The Chromedriver version is 77.0.3865.40.

The strange thing is that even the loading time for Katalon Studio is back to normal now. It was taking up to 5 minutes to load. Suddenly after yesterday lunchtime, all working as expected again.

I wonder if it’s something that’s changed within our company? I can’t think how I could get to the bottom of this?

God only knows, :wink:

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or task manager/windows updates log

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Could you let me know where the Windows Update Logs are kept and also what do I look out for on the Task Manager. I like knowing why things fail, so that I can have confidence.

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on win 10, if you type ‘update’ in search you will find something like ‘View update history’

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I’m afraid the same issues have occurred again! The only thing that’s appeared to change is some recent Windows Updates:-

I have the same slowness running on Centos, no AV installed.
I takes ages to init browser :frowning:
Katalon version: 6.2.0 and I am not willing to upgrade it.