WindowsTestObject GlobalVariable Variables

I am testing a Windows app. I wanted to make a GlobalVariable, or local variable via the Variables tab for a WindowsTestObject from the repository…is this not supported?

Neither of those options provides a WindowsTestObject data type and TestObject type does not work for WindowsTestObjects.

@vu.tran One for the devs?


Is this possible to help your question Windows Test Objects in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs?

I’m able to make them via the script view without any issues…I was more curious as to why the WindowsTestObject data type is not included for global variables and test case variables in particular.

Global Variables
Test Case Variables

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Is there someone that can provide a reason why WindowsTestObjects are not included in these fields? Is this something that can be added in the future?

Nobody from the comunity side.
From my point of view, even other Test* types are useless there.
But this is my opinion.

I have a few scenarios with targeting objects that it would be useful to have this for creating lists of the objects I want to interact with…although it’s generally easy enough to do this through code with what I am automating, it would be a little bit more convenient for what I am doing to have this available.