Windows Recorder: When I re-play I am not a user of this desktop application. How can solve this?


I’m a newbie to the Windows Recorder functionality in Katalon. I’m using Katalon Studio Enterprise, 8.5.5, Standalone, Build 208.

I successfully recorded and scripted the notepad.exe to begin with. No problem here and it is working fine.

Now I would like to record one of our desktop applications. It’s a finance software called “Sage”. It doesn’t require username & password. I just double-click on the .exe and it opens.


  1. Windows application driver is running as admin
  2. I’m in developer mode

This is how Katalon recorded it:
Windows.startApplicationWithTitle(‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage200\Sage200Desktop.exe’, ‘Sage200Desktop’)

When I want to re-play it I get an error message:
“You are not a Sage 200 user”.


I assume when the script runs, it tries to login as a Katalon user, instead of me clicking the desktop .exe icon.

How can I get around this issue?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

P.S. I also tried running Katalon as administrator. This didn’t solve the issue.

Sounds like you need to talk to the IT team managing your computer. As that error appears to be coming just from Sage 200, and not from Katalon.

Or, if you need help from the comunity you can:

  • share the code of your app with us, or…
  • give us the binary so we reverse enginering it…

aaah, is a propietary app… ooops!

Hi, when I open the .exe manually, it works fine as I am the user. But it looks like Katalon is not trying to record / opening the deskop app as myself. I assume is it using a “Katalon user”.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the code of the app. It’s a purchased product, where customisation was added from their end. Does it mean there is no way to automate desktop apps, if we haven’t developed it ourselves?

I means, without us to have access at your app (binary is ok also) we cannot attempt to reproduce your issue … so, speaking from the comunity side there is nothing we can do more.

If you are a licensed user you can open a ticket with the support team.
I really have no idea how this stuff works.

Yes, I am a licensed user. Thank you. I thought I try the community first, but in this case I will raise a ticket. Thank you. :smiley:

I’ve raised a support ticket with Katalon and the first line of support wasn’t able to solve my issue either. It will be further investigated.

The issue is, that the Desktop App, I want to use, has the user credentials stored in AD. Katalon is not using my credentials. If someone else has the same issue and was able to solve it, please reply here. Thank you.

Mhm … I was somehow affraid of this.
Well, from my point of view, Katalon is doing the right thing, not acccessing sensitive data from your machine.

Now, we should scratch our head to find a solution for your particular case,
This is not something trivial.

It is surely not trivial. The first line of support has forwarded it to the experts in Katalon. When I hear back from them and have a solution I will update this thread for others to learn from.

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Still sounds like an IT Administration / network security issue, rather than anything due to the product itself.