Why one step not run, Testcase still passed

I want to attach a screenshot but I dont know how, so I send a link.


I check the Case with Wrong Username + Right Password.
After click submit, I use verifyTextPresent to check whether the text is displayed or not.
As I thought, If one step fails or not run, the Testcase fails
if I am wrong, please let me know. I really appreciate it.

Thanks for your instance response. I think we have different viewpoint to define TC is PASSED or FAILED. Then we should close this topic, argument leads nowhere. Have a great day!

I understand your explanation but it seems not convincing.
Take my case as an example, I use a condition in the step 6 to check TC fail or pass. If it returns true, TC passes, if not it returns false, TC fails. Step 6 didnt execute, the condition have not been checked --> overall, TC Failed. Not execution with return False have same meaning, then the final status has to be failed.

The simple rule is if there is any FAILED test step, then the overall status of the test case will be FAILED :).

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From your execution’s picture, step 6 is marked as NOT_RUN in execution session. I don’t see any failed steps on that execution, then how can the overall status can be FAILED if NOT_RUN is not counted into test case’s status?

Not execution (NOT_RUN) is different with executed but FAILED


Hi there,

Not_Run test step(s) have no execution status. The overall status of the executed test case will ignore these not run’s steps.

Based on your picture, because all other test steps besides Not_Run step are PASSED, therefore the final test case’s status will be PASSED. Katalon Studio won’t count Not_Run step status to calculate itest case’s status