Why is there no Keyword WebUI.getElementTopPosition yet?

For visual testing purposes you need methods to determine the actual values for position and dimension of your web elements. In Katalon Studio you can determine height and width (WebUI.getElementHeight / WebUI.getElementWidth) as well as the distance from the left margin (WebUI.getElementLeftPosition). But the counterpart for the upper margin does, unlike in Mobile Testing (Mobile.getElementLeftPosition), not exist. So I am only dependent on external libraries (like Selenium itself or the Galen Framework) for this limited purpose. Why? Can’t you please add this obviously missing WebUI keyword?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi! Great that you listed all similar methods but as of Sept 2020 there’s still no method to get the Y position/location of the element. For now as a work around let’s continue to use selenium’s getLocation.

Hope in the near future this BASIC method will be available.

Hi @Drunda_Nibel @kenneth.montevirgen

Can you elaborate more on your use case, so that we have more information about what do you need.

@ThanhTo: No, thanks for your … immediate answer, but for me it is slightly too late. Besides, I don’t see what additional information you would have needed to understand the obvious.