Why can't i pause different seconds in if else case

why is that pause commands in if else command all execute no matter true of false?


I checked it and it’s works as you describe but are you really need pause command inside if?
I assume that is only for test because pause command doesn’t count that much i think.
Diffrent commands just look like their beeing executed but Katalon just color them green and doesn’t execute. You can check it wtih that code:

store | 44 | i
if | i==44 |
store | true |if true
else | |
store | false | if false
endif | |

If you run run it you will get log like this:

[info] Executing: | store | 44 | i |

[info] Store ‘44’ into ‘i’

[info] Executing: | if | i==44 | |

[info] Executing: | store | true | if true |

[info] Store ‘true’ into ‘if true’

[info] Executing: | else | | |

[info] Executing: | store | false | if false |

[info] Executing: | endIf | | |

First it’s execute store command and then really store it. It works exactly the same with storing “true” BUT for store false it’s just show that it’s execute this command but it’s acctually not executing it.

I second this, pause gets executed no matter what
“If” condition affects everything else, expect the pause command.

Please fix.

+1 please fix this… pause is executed even if condition is not true