Katalon Recorder - Pause command using a variable time

Hi - I am struggling to do something in Katalon recorder. I am using the pause command to pause my test as I have to wait for certain elements to be loaded by javascript before the test can continue otherwise it fails because the elements it is looking for do not exist because the javascript hasn’t created them yet. I would like to use a variable to set the amount of miliseconds for it to pause, but when expanding the variable it does not work and does not pause. In the log I will see " [info] Executing: | pause | | ${PauseTiming} |" and " [info] Expand variable ‘’ into ‘’" but in the variables tab the variable is shown correct. Also if I echo the variable it is correct. I tried another variable I use elsewhere which works for something else, but it does not work when entered in to the pause command. Could someone please help me? I am getting my variables from a CSV file.


If the elements you are waiting for have known identifiers, you could try the command


Here’s the description from the documentation

Generated from isElementPresent(locator)
Arguments: *locator - an element locator .
Returns: true if the element is present, false otherwise

Here’s the documentation

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@nathan.goldsmith, did you ever figure this out? It’s not about waiting for a variable to be present. I think it just doesn’t work for the Pause command, which is disappointing and I’m unable to find a workaround.

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Hi! Sorry, I was sure I replied originally but I must not have done it, Mark Gibson gave me a solution which worked better as you say the pause command wasn’t working there at all. But using Mark’s solution and waiting for an element to be present on the page before continuing worked for me as I knew the ID of the element I was waiting for and was able to reference it very easily. Thanks Mark!

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