Where is .log file? Official doc does not explain it

The well-known post by @Russ_Thomas

suggests runtime log

which is a valuable advise.

However Katalons Offical Document mentions NOTHING about the runtime log; that is a shame.

Some Katalon Runtime Engine users need to look at the runtime log as this case. They need to know the absolute file path of the .log file on their platform (Windows, Linux, Mac). The documentation should describe it as well.

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I will bring this up with the technical writing team about this.

I got an update from the technical writing team about the .log file documentation, which can be found at Katalon Help | Katalon Docs.

However, they will also add a ticket to their backlog to enhance this section in the case when users try to search .log or runtime log and the result is not popping up.

@chen.lee the link you provided is for Katalon Studio.
the question was for the Runtime Engine.
since this does not have a UI that doc is useless.
Few use cases have to be documented, as a minimum:

  • how to locate the log when using KRE locally (standalone)
  • how to locate the log when using a docker image (locally or with a CI)
  • how to locate the log when using jenkins (with the plugin vs standalone installation)

… and so on, for each supported / documented integration.


I just informed the technical writing team about this and they will update the ticket to add these use cases in the documentation.

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@chen.lee , is there any news about secret locations of the runtime log?

@gdearest07 The technical writing team is currently focusing on documentation for the platform pricing launch on September 21, so they cannot update any feedback from the forum at the moment. They will have time to update this after September 21.

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