Find Testcase Execution Log file


Could you tell me where to find the execution log file on Katalon?
My console is limited to a few lines and therefore does not display all the steps.

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Hi @moustik

Are you talking about command-line execution or execution from within the Katalon Studio GUI? The execution log file should be available within the report folder of the Katalon Studio project.

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Hi @ThanhTo,

In my Report folder, i have just the file which name “broken-test-objects.json”.

I didn’t find any log file in this Report.


Are you executing a test case or a test suite? The report files are generated only for test suite and test suite collection execution only. Can you tell me more what you’re trying to do? Are you trying to debug a test case you’re currently developing, or troubleshooting a possible defect detected by a failed execution?

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