When running Katalon Studio cli, Execution Profile doesn't work when using testSuiteCollectionPath

The docs at https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/console-mode-execution.html#katalon-command-line-options
state that you can overide execution profile variables.

-g_XXX Since 5.9

Override Execution Profile variables.


-g_userName="admin" N

When you attempt to do this when using a testSuiteCollectionPath The expected variable isn’t overridden. I’ve been trying to use Katalon Studio’s CLI with Teamcity, but I’ve been having trouble getting a test suite to finish up properly(in doesn’t end the test) , so one experiment was to try using the testSuiteCollectionPath instead of the testSuitePath, and that’s how i ran into this issue.

Hi @Frank_Keefer

This feature is only implemented in Test Suite and not yet in Test Suite Collection, but it will be available in both in upcoming releases. Here’s the link to the issue in our backlog for you to track the progress:

Regards !

Thanks for the information. I’ll track that one.

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