How can I setting execution profile in test suite collection type?

Hello, I am executing the following command with KRE:

./KRE -browserType="Chrome" -retry=0 -statusDelay=15 -testSuiteCollectionPath="/path/to/collections" -apiKey="*****"

In my scenario, I have serval test suites in one collection, each suite has a different profile(some setting or global variable etc.).

Now, in some situations, I want to change the profile of one of the suites in the collection. But after checking the document, it seems there is no way I can do to achieve this.

I have tried passing -executionProfile to the KRE, but it will apply the profile to all of the suites in the collection, not one.

Is there anything I can do to face my need, or is there any other setting like -executionProfiles=profile1,profile2,profile3 to specify the profile for each suite in one collection?

Thank you.