When I am defining my variable in katalon graphql in this way I am getting Expected an object or a null-token, but found a String-token with value

 "text" : "{\n  \"query\": \"mutation AddFrameAssets($input: UpdateFrameDtoInput) { addFrameAssets(addFrameAssets: $input) { id mobileDeviceId volume userId batteryhealth location updatedby framedAssets { assetId status assetType{ type } } } }\",\n  \"variables\": \"{ \\\"input\\\": { \\\"id\\\": \\\"62ff8ecaeb696345b45f9ad6\\\", \\\"updatedby\\\": \\\"620fb8187803c565a9441737\\\", \\\"framedAssets\\\": [ { \\\"assetId\\\": \\\"62fa3a960d2531cc86382056\\\" } ] } }\"\n}"

@faraz.alam1985, you can check this doc:

@chen.lee I have defined a variable input in json format in query variables and passing that variable in query. I don’t think it is support in katalon.

Article provides very basic information. I have gone through it but could not find solution to my problem.

Given that GraphQL was just released in ver 8.4.0, some functionalities are still lacking in GraphQL testing in KS. You can change this product inquiry into a feature request for GraphQL with variable input in JSON format.