When executing through Docker, it will be stopped in some commands

Hi everyone

I’m currently debugging a Docker execution environment on a Mac. Ran into some issues. Sometimes the script can be executed successfully. But sometimes it will stop at some commands. Only the log of katalon will not be updated. The terminal of the newly generated container can also use.
At present, there are not many times that it is fully implemented. May I ask what is causing this problem? any ideas?

Below is my execution environment:

  1. M1 Mac OS:13.2.1
  2. Docker Desktop 4.19.0 (106363)
  3. A custom Katalon image with the same version of Chrome and chromedriver (Using the latest image directly is the same issue)

Sometimes it stops while opening a project

Sometimes it stops here

Sometimes at here


Thanks for raising your issues. Let us investigate your case.

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Hi @ziying.wang,

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Hi @Elly_Tran

Today I try on the x86 chip Mac and I can open project normally.
So the mac with the M1 chip can’t use the Docker image normally now?

And I ran into a new issue.
Web, and API test cases can be executed normally, but the it cannot be executed on mobile devices.
Can Docker Image execute scripts on mobile phones?

I will try to see if these environments are included in the Docker Image, or customize an Image. But I am a little worried about the connection problem between the container and the phones.
I think it might be related to this​:arrow_down: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank u!

com.kms.katalon.execution.exception.ExecutionException: com.kms.katalon.execution.mobile.exception.MobileSetupException: It appears that you don't have NodeJS installed and setup correctly.
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