When a test suite is running, please show me in the grid which No. (nummero) it is doing

When a test suite is running, please show me in the grid which No. it is busy

for example like so:


So many people on this forum are asking how to speed up the Log files. Yikes, this request seems so yesterday.

Anyway, there is a Debug option that you can pay subscription for that allows you to go line by line by line by line through your Test Case.



you clearly misunderstand the request…

read it again and take it far more literally.

when a test suit runs, I’d like to visibly see in which script it is working… based on the execution list.
it’s really a user interface enhancement question actually.

Again, there is a Debug option that you can pay subscription for that allows you to see in which script it is working blah blah blah and the reports will show you which lines are “busy” (how would you define “busy”). I understand what you are asking for.

Just note that as you get familiar with the product, that you will want it to get the job done faster, like so many others. Think of it like, do you still play with your baby toys, or have you moved on to other big boy toys, or even bigger boy toys like your car or sailboat. If you want to go line by line now, will you still want to in 6 months, assuming you are actually writing test scripts that are not just playing but you will be reporting to your supervisor (or others) on the issues with your product. Also, do you use two monitors (or more) so you can see the browser and your interactions with it, or are you looking at the pretty code you have written. If you want to look at your pretty code, then use the debugger, but I have moved on to the test reports because seeing my code get highlighted is more time consuming and I only want to see the concerns (yellow warning) and issues (red warning), and not the things that are good and okay (green :smile: )).

If you write your tests properly, then you should be verifying all the events that you do, like below:

Maybe like:
"text box"
WebUI.setText(findTestObject(...), "Monday")
WebUI.verifyElementAttributeValue(findTestObject(...), "value", "Monday", 10)

"radio button options"
WebUI.verifyElementChecked(findTestObject('Yes'), 10)
WebUI.verifyElementNotChecked(findTestObject('No'), 10)

WebUI.setText(findTestObject(...), "Lorem pac du compardu vu cal 645 %#!")
WebUI.verifyElementAttributeValue(findTestObject(...), "value", "Lorem pac du compardu vu cal 645 %#!", 10)

"drop down"
WebUI.selectOptionByLabel(findTestObject(...), "Pickles", false)
WebUI.verifyOptionSelectedByLabel(findTestObject(...), "Pickles", false, 10)

numItems =  WebUI.getNumberOfTotalOption(findTestObject(...))
WebUI.verifyEqual(numItems, 14)

Edit: and don’t forget to put in proper wait statements when you move to a fresh page or when one drop-down affects another drop-down.

Edit2: there is a Keyword that I have seen within this forum that highlights the label on your browser for every object that you interact with, so if you interact with a text box, you can get the label to it to flash colour. Same with other labels of your text areas, or option buttons, etc. as well. You get to see what you are interacting with on your browser as you move through your code…

Doh! It just hit me that you are just running your Test Case, not running it from a Test Suite. You will only get the After Run reports if you run your Test Case using a Test Suite, or Test Collection.

Create a new Test Suite; Add your Test Case(s) to the Test Suite and then run the Test Suite. The Log File and Console are good sources of feed-back, but the reports can show you how your test behaved and the timings.