When a test case is failed in Test Suite, All other test cases gets skipped

I have created more then 100 test cases in a manner that every test case acts like a step for my project, To execute a test scenario I have to create a test suite and add test cases as a steps for a complete scenario…

As test cases are dependent on each other in a test suite, if a test case gets failed all of the remaining test cases gets skipped.

I want remaining test cases to be executed at least one time instead of to be skipped.

I do not see what is your problem. What did you expect to see and what did you actually see?

Why? There is no documentation or training videos that even remotely suggest you should design your tests in this manner.

I am not surprised you are having issues that are difficult to overcome. You have used the Suite and Test Case facilities in a way that runs counter to how they were designed to be used.

If you need to segment a test scenario, use WebUI.callTestCase()

And please, don’t post your question more than once. Thanks.

with 100 testcases which ‘depend on each one’? think twice before proposing such

@f2019114009 this sentence is not clear for me:

As test cases are dependent on each other in a test suite, if a test case gets failed all of the remaining test cases gets skipped.

Are skipped or do you want to be skipped?

As far as i know, a proper test-suite will execute all testcases no matter if they fail or not.
By what voodoo did you achieved the opposite?

Are Skipped…


I guess that your test suite threw some unchecked exception, such as “OutOfMemoryException”. Once an unchecked expetion is raised, the test suite will stop immediately and can do no more processing. In this case, the test suite didn’t skip anything; the test suite just died.

Please check the log in the console tab and find if any Exception was raised.

Without having a look at your code, we cannot help you on this matter.
What you are complaining about is a feature requested few times and not implemented.

So, this behavior does not came from Katalon but from your ‘secret’ design.

Thank You so Much all of you in Katalon community, I Figured out the solution of my problem…

Actually I am working on a project under development, I got some test cases and test suites already created in Katalon and I need to run them first and fix Bugs if found and then test all other remaining functionalities by creating new test cases and test suites…

I have explored the complete project and existing test cases,Test cases were created in a way that every test case was a single step in story flow for example, for a Banking app open browser, navigate to specific URL, Login, check balance, close browser etc. All of them are test cases and if Login test case gets failed all of other test cases didn’t run they gets skipped. I supposed to Katalon that remaining test cases should run at least one time no matter even they get failed or successfully run…

There were Two problems I have figured and fixed the problem.
1- Failure Handling was set to Stop_on_Failure in project setting → Test Design → Test Case.
(Set it to Continue_on_Failure)
2- Two test Listeners were created to check if a test case status gets failed then ‘Skip-test-case’ was set to ‘true’. If a test case gets failed all of the remaining test cases in test suite gets skipped, (Fixed by setting the Skip-test-case=‘true’).


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yes I do…
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