What to do when IDs change to much?

I am working in a new Katalon project.
I have a certain interface that is giving me a lot of problems. Whemever a developer makes changes in that user interface, some objects change their ID and name no matter what the developer does in the user interface. As a consecuence of this, my test case fails.

So what I wanted to ask and discuss is the best way to approach this problem because I know developers are going to make more changes in a near future. Maybe I need to get the xpath of the
element and not the id. Maybe I need to capture that element using another attribute. I really dont
know. There is also a chance I am not using Katalon studios best practices.

This is the html of one of the elements that always gives me problems:

<input type="button" name="W00680001W0222BTNAGREGAR" value="Agregar" title="Agregar" class="btn btn-default ButtonMaterial" onclick="if( gx.evt.jsEvent(this)) {gx.evt.setGridEvt(233,null);gx.evt.execEvt('W00680001W0222',false,'W00680001W0222E\'DOAGREGAR\'.',this);} else return false;" onfocus="gx.evt.onfocus(this, 186,'W00680001W0222',false,'',0)" id="W00680001W0222BTNAGREGAR">

There are a lot of reasons why an objectid or any the may change.
Could be the underlaying API changes, framework changes and so on.
The best approach is to have a chat with the dev team so they should add an ‘testingid’ or whatever property they want which has to be consistent

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thanks a lot for the response ! I will try and do this.