Dynamic identity problem

Hello everyone,

I’m new the this tool. So i am beginner.

I’m testing the “democrm” site. But the site is dynamic, the ID changes when reloading. So it fails. How should I proceed?

Below are screenshots of my problem.

1- ID before uploading

2- ID after loading test

@alt.g2-bodzn7ub If you show some HTML code of the specific element, then we can assist you with finding other attributes that can help locate it. You can use that to locate other elements.

One option though, if only part of the id changes, then use the function, contains, where the xpath contains the part that is not dynamic. Something like:



you should extract object property values during running time

check this one page

yeah thx.
I have reviewed before, it didn’t exactly solve my problem. Thanks again :slight_smile: :pray:

There are many ways to detect an element of interest. The id is ideal but, as you have discovered, if it is dynamic (different each time the page is rendered) then it is essentially useless.

People have asked to see your code - please follow this advice: