WebUiCommonHelper.findWebElements() no longer returns empty list when element(s) not in DOM

## Operating System: Windows 7 Professional

## Katalon Studio Version: 5.8.0

## Katalon Studio logs:

No relevant error messages in the studio logs…

## Environment (for Web testing)

Google Chrome v 69.0.3497.81

## Steps to reproduce

When performing the following assignment:

List elements = WebUiCommonHelper.findWebElements(myTestObject, timeOut);

A WebElementNotFoundException is being incorrectly thrown when the element(s) cannot be found in the DOM:

In previous versions of the studio, the WebUiCommonHelper.findWebElements() method would follow Selenium’s convention of returning an empty list if no matching elements were found.

## Expected Behavior

An empty list should be returned.

## Actual Behavior

A WebElementNotFoundException is thrown.


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Hi Brandon Hein,

Thanks for your information. We’ve logged a ticket to address it.


Dear Brandon,

This issue has been fixed in our Katalon Studio latest version 5.9. Please update and let us know if it works for you.

Best regards

This is fixed in 5.9. Thank you!

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