Document for WebUI.findWebElements(TestObject) is missing

com.kms.katalon.core.webui.keyword.WebUiBuiltinKeywords implements 2 keywords

  • WebUI.findWebElement(TestObject) which returns WebElement
  • WebUI.findWebElemmnts(TestObject) which returns List<WebElement>

But Katalon has not published documentations for these built-in keywords. The following links returns 404 NOT FOUND


Why not?

Especially, WebUI.findWebElements(TestObject) is valuable for those users who want to iterate over <TR> elements in a <TABLE>, as it is the only one (exceptional) WebUI.* keyword that returns a List of references to HTML elements.

A user who is already familiar with Java programming would be able to write a test script which immediately calls the Selenium API. For example as this:

List<WebElement> rowsInTable = driver.findElement(By.xpath('//table/tbody/tr'))

Or those who are skillful enough about JavaScript programming would write something like:

String js = 'return document.querySelectorAll( css selector here);'
List elements = WebUI.executeJavaScript(js, null)

However, a user who does not have enough programming experience would get lost how to iterate over rows in a HTML table.

Therefore, I think, a document of WebUI.findWebElements(TestObject) is required for those beginners.

Another use case of WebUI.findWebElements(TestObject) would be enumerating all <a> tags in a page. For example,