WebUI.click(objeto) not working


I have a panel, that panel is visible, but when i try to click one button inside, the button is not clickable. Can i access this button different way??

I´m using WebUI.waitForElementClickable(objeto, 10) to detect the button state. Is this correct??

You seem to have a Test Object named objeto.

Are you sure that the objeto has an appropriate locator? Have you checked its correctness against the HTML of the target web page?

How can I check its correctness against the HTML? I only see in my screen, and I supposed that waitForElementClickable would tell me that.

Thanks in advance

Are you familiar with dev tools in Chrome or Edge? If not, it will be very helpful to learn how to check an xpath. And suggest watching some of the very helpful tutorials on Katalon available on this site.

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You need to learn Dev Tools :

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You need to learn XPath:

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Thank you guys. I´ll try it