Click on svg element. How to perform in Katalon?

Please clarify how to solve the problem with a click.
There is an iframe.
Within this iframe there is a clickable element. But click is implemented without ‘button’ tag and onclick attribute.

I tried to read WebUI.getText() form deeper layer - it works. The upper layer xpath is configured as an ancestor of that element (to be sure that xpath is ok)

Following keywords pass:

but click is failed:

Thank you for your advice!

Possibly the XPath in the Test Obect named “F6 copy” is wrong. The XPath is not pointing the element you wanted.

Do not ask us (people in the forum) what the corrent XPath is. We do not have access to your web page, so we can not find the answer.

Only you would be able to.

@kazurayam Thank you for your answer!
The initial question is there any difference for if click is implemented without ‘button’ tag or onclick attribute.

I will add ‘button’ tag text to initial questions. highlighted Button word is not displayed.

You should find that “Verify Element Clickable” failed before “Click”:

Therefore it would be pointless to discuss about “” first.

You should try to find out the reason why “Verify Element Clickable” failed for “F6 copy”.

I suspect, the XPath of the Test Object you gave was wrong.

@kazurayam Yes, I did. But object is clickable.

When you click on any of your elements, does any of them cause a reaction such as a “drop-down” list to appear or any other GUI thing to appear. It may be that your element is being covered by this if there is one that appears.

Also, I notice you switch pages from log in to exploring, but you don’t use: WebUI.waitForPageLoad(2)

Just a suggestion and I set mine even higher but the statement works as soon as the next page has loaded, not the time I have set. (That’s the way it’s supposed to work :slight_smile: That’s why I suggest it.)

What do you mean by saying “clickable”?

As the screenshot tells, a call to “Verify Element Clickable” for “F6 copy” failed. So, the keyword is telling you that the keyword “Verify Element Clickable” found something wrong.

Do you mean that you can manually click the button in the browser window? OK, that could be the case.

All it means is that your test case script failed to mimic your manual operation. So the problem in your test script still remains unresolved. — I guess, the XPath you specified is wrong.

@kazurayam I see that element is clickable as the result of step #19 (Verify Element Clickable) on the screenshot

Yes, the element can be clicked manually for sure.

@grylion54 Thank you for your comment. Yes, after click new screen appears.
Ok, I will try WebUI.waitForPageLoad(2) in test cases, currently I just used WebUI.delay(2)

What about waiting for the element to be present/visible, right before the click?

@mwarren04011990 it does not work with delay or waiting(( The same result - click is impossible.
Thank you for your advice.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m looking at your code, and don’t see anywhere where you WebUI.switchToFrame(yourIFrame)