[Webinar] How AI in Katalon Studio can transform your test automation 🚀


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Join us on May 21st at 11 AM EST for an exclusive webinar on transforming your test automation with Katalon Studio’s AI-powered features! Discover how to simplify complex testing processes, boost efficiency with Smart Locator and self-healing mechanisms, and leverage AI for enhanced productivity.

What’s more? You will also get to see a live demo of Katalon Studio’s AI capabilities and learn how to utilize them to boost your testing efficiency!

Our speakers

Chris Dion - Product Marketing Manager
For the past 5 years Chris has been a Solution Engineer to give QA and Dev teams the automation tools needed to increase test coverage, scale execution, and instill best automation practices. He has used his experiences to help create new or mature existing automation usage to better suite the customer’s initiatives.

Save your seat


Hello team, quick reminder that this webinar will take place tomorrow May 21st at 11am EST.

Chris will be walking us through practical applications and uses of StudioAssist. We will dive into what is it, how to use it, and most importantly, how it will benefit your test creation practices.

We will also have other members of the Studio team there to answer questions for you. Come and join us for a great session and learn how Katalon can support you become a better tester.

Use the link above to register :point_up:

See you all soon!

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