Web Testing Electron Builds


Hi Support,

I have a desktop app built using electron (which uses Chromium). Katalon Studio recognizes the application as an ‘active browser’, when you select it from the “Record” drop down, however I get the generic message: “Katalon Automation Recorder extension is required for capturing objects in active tabs that were not opened by Katalon Studio…”


  1. Is there a way to use the Katalon Studio “Record Web” recorder to launch the app from command line, according to the above message window I wouldn’t need the extensions, is this possible?
  2. To install Katalon Studio extensions on electron I have found the below link: https://github.com/electron/electron/blob/master/docs/tutorial/devtools-extension.md will this work for testing our application, or are there any other pre-requisites?

Please feel to also make any other suggestions.


A have a similar question…

I want to automatically test an Electron desktop app, that should be possible to open from a file location on the local machine.
Is it possible to test WITHIN the window? (Other programs only recognize the window, but not what is inside)


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