Ways to programmatically set test script / test case data binding without leveraging WebUI.callTestCase?

I appreciate everyone’s patience with me as I try multiple approaches to resolve one seemingly simple problem - the fact that Katalon Studios does not allow for a “Set all” Test Data binding for test suites.

The more I thought about things I’m wondering - is there a way to set the variable binding for a test case / test suite at runtime that does NOT involve the use of the WebUI.callTestCase or Global Vairable methods?

Some way to force the binding for the test case immediately prior to the run start of that particular tets step?

This way I could “drag and drop” all the test scripts into the test suite and define at a programmatic level what test data file to use for each and every test script in the suite while having the “nice and neat” multi-row run results log that my business is requesting.

Seems like I’ve (and yourselves in helping me!) invested a ton of effort having to work around the simple fact that there’s not a “bind to all test scripts in this suite” option for data binding at the test suite / test collection level, it’s a bit aggravating.

I believe that the buitl-in “Data-driven testing with Katalon Studio” is what you want.