Want to overwrite credential info as GlobalVariable with properties file for commandline argument

**OS : **Windows 7

Katalon Studio Version :

## Katalon Studio logs:

I think log is not necessary for this case

## Environment (for Web testing)

Firefox 52.6

## Environment (for Mobile testing)


## Steps to reproduce -

In my TestCase I have:


And as GlobalVariable I have

  1. G_URLScheme
  2. G_Hostname
  3. G_Username
  4. G_Password

each of these have values hard-coded within the Katalon Project. This works OK.

## Actual Behavior -

In order to evangelize Katalon Studio within my organization, I want to put the Project upto a remote Git repository to share with others.

Let’s suppose I put my Katalon Project into the GitHub and make it public. Then the credential info (Username, Password) will be publicly exposed. I can not do this.

As I can not share my Katalon Project with others via Git repos, I find it is difficult to evangelize Katalon.

**## Proposed Behavior -
I want Katalon Studio provide way of overwriting values by external properties file. Properties file should be found:

  • katalon.properties in project root directory.

  • katalon.properties in KATALON_USER_HOME directory.

  • system properties, e.g. when -Dkatalon.user.home is set on the command line.

I like the way of properties handling by Gradle. Please refer to:

## Screenshots / Videos



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Hi @4280-kazurayam,

Thank you so much for your details suggestion. Actually, Katalon team is working on a new feature to encrypt and run the test with sensitive data. Also, masked sensitive text in execution logs. This feature will be included in the next release of 5.4. Stay tuned!

Thank you for choosing and supporting Katalon Studio,


Thank you for your reply.

New feature to encrypt sensitive data will be usefull.

Still I would require a feature of overwriting GlobalVariable G_Hostname with value specified runtime. Imagine the case where I have a set of hosts each of which a single Web application runs:

- http://production.kazurayam.com/
- http://staging.kazurayam.com/
- http://develop.kazurayam.com/

All of these hosts run a single Web app so I want to develop and apply a single Katalan Test Suite. The only difference is the hostname determined runtime. I want to run the Test Suites as Jenkins Job.

How would you manage this? Encrypting feature would not solve the problem — fixing variable value determined runtime.

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Please have a look at this:

Hope this helps.

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