Visual Testing - Its ok if you don't know. We are here to help

The last Webinar I had I asked the question “How many of our attendees knew what Visual Testing was”. I was really surprised to see that roughly 70 percent of our listeners didn’t really understand what Visual Testing was or how it could really benefit their business or their project.
(you can see that webinar in the link’s below).

More importantly. you can also learn more about Visual Testing @ Katalon by looking at this link.

Testing for newbies (5) - Visual Testing - Product Forums / Tips & Tricks - Katalon Community

(6) [Webinar] Ensuring Quality Digital Experiences: Best Practices and Tools for Modern Software Design - YouTube

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Thank you @mike.verinder for linking the webinar video. I could unfortunately not join the webinar and was hoping there would be a recording of it.

The projects I am testing with Katalon currently does not require extensive visual testing as they are internal web apps for other companies and they are not focused on being visually perfect after each change/deployment.

I will however be using this feature in the future on projects where the visual appearance of the Web app/Mobile app is crucial after each change/deployment. As this feature will improve my quality of testing of flagging any visual changes I could not pickup through manual testing that was not meant to change :slight_smile:

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Awesome. I didn’t go in depth on Visual Testing in the webinar. I just gave a quick definition (due to time constraints). It’s a great tool to use though especially if your product is a revenue impacting application. but also, if you have a mobile product an extremely common issue these days is when you have images “running together”.

Love the passion. Love that we can all share our journeys.

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