Version 6.3.0 (Beta)



Are there any differences in xpath usage between mobile and web?
it works when element setting as blow

but why when i change to xpah it not works?can not find the element


Hi @Neacsu_Cornel,

We will fix this issue in v6.3.3.

Thanks for your report


Hi @wei_yang,

Currently, Mobile element locator has only the Attributes option. We will introduce new suitable Locator options for Mobile element in the next releases.




Thanks @duyluong. Don’t you think this option should be checked by default?


Thank you. Expect more features especially in mobile testing.


Hi @Bhawna_Rani,

We will investigate this case, maybe it keeps your last session settings from the version older than v6.3.0.

Anyway, thanks for your report.


Hi @Neacsu_Cornel,

We have released v6.3.2 just now. Please check for update.


On first look it seems the object parametrization is back to expected behavior on KS 6.3.2

Thank you for the quick solution.


Thanks @duyluong. Yes It could be the case because i updated it from 6.2.2 version.


Mobile.verifyElementNotExist when element not exist while throw SteFailException.
According to the API description, i think true should be returned