Validate data from database

Hi Katalon community,

as described in i can test against a database data from my tests.

What i did not find, and therefore i ask for your help, is this scenario:

  • I created a test, that visits my test shop system (e.g. Magento, Shopware) and buy 1 specific product (placing in the cart, checkout and so on).
  • In the order submitted screen i always have an order number, that i temporarily need to save to a variable for further tests.
  • One of the further tests is to validate, that the order itself has been placed with the correct values, so i need the order number from the variable and check against some control values.
  • Then i have to wait 2-5 minutes, to let other programs do there job and the entry in the database show be revalidated with other control values against the order number.

I already figured out, how to create a DB connection with a specific query.
What i did not find out yet, if i can configure a DB connection, with a query where i can change a query parameter like order number on the fly nor how to check against some values.

I appriciate any kind of documentation/tutorial links or ideas how to handle this.

best regards