Using two sets of global variables

I am wondering if it’s possible to use two sets of global variables (user profiles) when executing test cases. For example, I have profiles Test, Dev, and Common. I would like all test suites to have the variables in Common accessible, but they should only have one of Test or Dev visible. Is there any way to accomplish this?

hmmm I don’t know of one with the profiles. However I have found success with creating custom packages and classes under keywords where I define the values to use. I then import these into my test case and can call them out. This way I can change the variables in one location and use them anywhere.

That would be a good solution were this project for my personal use, but I am creating a project meant to be edited by people with very little programming experience, and I’d like to streamline the process for them as much as possible should they wish to create their own global variables.

Makes sense…hmmm if I was not gonna use my classes I would possible do one profile and list the variables with types.
For example if you had three user names:
devUserName =
testUserName =
commonUserName =

Then you could have all three in global variables and could use them in any test…another option is something I found here on the forums about switching active profiles but I’ve never tried this:

good luck :slight_smile:

Hey @michael.hollander

If your users can edit a text file {
  if you can convince them to follow JSON syntax {
    use an external json file
  } else {
    use an external text file using your own syntax

I do this for stuff like credentials, server and db differences, etc. My profile (global variables) then becomes quite small.