Using multi test data during realtime

Hi all,
I have many different profile (QA, STG,…) to run our scripts, each profile will run in different test data.
For ex:
Profile QA - will use the test data QA-TestData
Profile STG- will use the test data STG-TestData

How do we config or code for use it in running by command line?


I think this part of document Manage Test Data | Katalon Docs can lead you through. Notice data for execution link inside.

You have to create a separate test suite for each environment and set the profile (and the test data file) accordingly.

Katalon does not have a feature to change the binded test data file ‘on-the-fly’

+1, bionel is right.

option two, forget about test data binding to test suite and access the test data programaticaly at test case level.
but this will require some not-trivial coding skills (and perhaps writing a custom reporter in adition to a clever binder / iterator)

You need to purchace Katalon Runtime Engine license in order to run your test by command line.

As the doc

explains, you can specifiy -executionProfile option as a command line argument